Monday, August 23, 2010

Game viewing at Onguma

Onguma Game Reserve has sent Namibia Reservations the following information: Game viewing is incredible at Onguma at the moment! The waterholes at the camps are very busy and there is a lot of game to see.

A few days ago, something very exiting happened at Onguma Tented Camp: While the guests were enjoying a pre-dinner drink, an impala nearly became dinner for a lion. The impala was chased right through the lounge - luckily the lion did not follow. However the impala did become dinner later for a leopard. It was caught at the entrance to the staff houses.

Yesterday a black rhino was spottet close to the Onguma Plains Camp (Fort) and a leopard at Aasvoel Nes (a waterhole close to the Fort)

Enjoy the game viewing experience at the Onguma Game Reserve.

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